National Vegetarian Week

To celebrate National Vegetarian Week we set out to discover five fantastic veggie restaurants based in our region.

Let’s begin with Greens Restaurant in Didsbury, this place has been on the veggie/vegan map for many years and still generates rave reviews, with excellent sized portions of flavoursome and delicious food presented in an unhurried and calm manner a visit to this restaurant is a must even for meat eaters, they feature a vegetarian black pudding which regulars rave about, the restaurant is renowned for its innovative cuisine.

Another eatery in Manchester with some excellent reviews is the Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen, close to Christie Hospital on Wilmslow Road it is claimed that even non vegetarians delight at the interesting and delicious offerings, many of the dishes are of Chinese and Asian origin such as crispy mock duck and even a vegan rib dish, the only downside is apparently its alcohol free so bare that in mind.

Over to Liverpool located on Woolton Street is the Old Hardware Shop, with a fantastic range of veggie and vegan food some house specialties include their Mediterranean platter and a vegan meatball and cheese sub which despite being meat free certainly hits the spot, as well as great service and lovely food they have an all-day breakfast which is popular, a great family restaurant for all to enjoy.

On to Newington, in Liverpool, you’ll discover The Egg Cafe, which offers an amazing vegan burger, with a busy kitchen delivering a range of tasty meals such as aubergine curry and delicious salads a set menu of 3 courses and a drink is available for around a tenner, once again though it’s an alcohol free zone.

Finally we wanted to discover a vegetarian offering in Chester, whilst they doesn’t appear to be a dedicated Vegan restaurant At the Hollows on 20 Charles Street in the City does provide some superb vegetarian options, popular in this Spanish themed is melon with ricotta cheese, tofu and noodle dishes and the obligatory patatas bravas, with a wine list from around the world and a rustic twist on the decor this great restaurant offers good value for money, so if you’re looking for tapas with a difference and a vegetarian kick this could be the place for you


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