Manchester is Full of Rare Pokemon! Here is Where to Find Them…

Still trying to catch ’em all? Well here at Atoozee Local, so are we! We have been out and about on the streets of Manchester to find the locations of Pokemon!

Rare Pokemon like, Snorlax, Vaporeon and Lapras, have all been spotted!

An interactive PokeMap has been launched by Google that tells users where their nearest Pokestops and Gyms are, although it relies on other Pokemon Go users to update it with their findings!

According to the map users after a Snorlax should make their way to Brinnington in Stockport where apparently the sumo-sized creature was caught in a back garden!

A rare Jynx has been spotted at a McDonald’s in Bolton and there is the oddly-shaped Porygon wandering around Piccadilly Gardens!

Reddit users have been sharing their catches so we have created the following list of all the places Pokemon Go users in Manchester, can head to if they want to find the rarest of them all!

Onyx – Hulme Park or Castlefield, city centre

Tentacruel – Whitworth Street, city centre

Nidoking – Near to Stretford Mall Shopping Centre

Snorlax – Sale

Bulbasaur – Northern Quarter near Night & Day

Blastoise – Northern Quarter

Lickitong – Northern Quarter

Seadra – Eccles

Gengar – All Saint’s Park by MMU

Wartortle – In front of Manchester Aquatics Centre

Lapras – Corner of King Street and Cross Street, city centre

Gyrados – On Todd Street near the National Football Museum in Manchester

Pinsir – St John’s Garden near Spinningfields, city centre

Omanyte – Corner of Portland Street and Princess Street

Dragonair – Media City

Jynx – Manchester Royal Infirmary

Pikachus – Lots of them by Wythenshawe Hall

Vaporeon – By the canal in the Gay Village, city centre

And everyone’s favourite, Pikachu, has been seen cooling off with a pint at Sinclairs, Oyster Bar in Shambles Square!

Can you add to our list and help other users to catch em all? Make sure to tweet us and tell us MORE! @atoozeelocal


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